Professor Daniel A. Drubach, M.D.

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MI

Daniel Drubach, MD, completed double training in neurology and psychiatry at the University of Maryland and then went on to complete a fellowship in neurorehabilitation there. He was head of the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program and co-director of the Coma Emergency Program at the University of Maryland for several years. He then went on to join the Behavioral Neurology Division at Mayo Clinic, where he has worked for the past twelve years. He is active in the training of medical students as well

as residents and fellows. He has written extensively on the neuroscience of music, meditation, language, religion, and many other topics. He also has published several articles discussing how the application of newly discovered neuroscience concepts can help us answer existential questions about free choice, empathy, mystical experiences, and other phenomena. He has given a number of lectures on this subject at multiple academic facilities. His main interest, however, is the interface between Judaic precepts and neuroscience. He is deeply convinced that the study of Judaic works can help us understand the brain, and vice versa.