Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the author of Toward a Meaningful Life (William Morrow, 2002), founder of The Meaningful Life Center (meaningfullife.com) and publisher of the Yiddish English weekly, The Algemeiner Journal (algemeiner.com). Rabbi Jacobson served as the documenter and publisher of the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe’s public talks from 1979 till 1992. He also headed the research team for Sefer Halikutim, an encyclopedic collection of Chassidic thought (twenty-six volumes, published from 1977 to 1982). As one of most pioneering and sought after writers and speakers in the Jewish world today, Rabbi Jacobson has deeply impacted diverse audiences in all continents with his keen insights into the human condition, applying Torah thought to contemporary life, in a cutting edge voice that is rooted in the timeless teachings of Judaism, while being profoundly timely and relevant.