Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Ecosystems: The Inside Story – The Torah Dynamics of Matter/Energy Fusion

The advent of recent scientific and technological developments have opened up unprecedented insights into the intimate, symbiotic connection between nature and its relationship to human beings and the environment. Every fiber of existence is integrally linked through a complex, but eloquent flow of matter and energy. As with a holograph, every single neuron in the macrocosm is mirrored in the microcosm.

This paper will explore the fascinating parallels between the Torah’s legal and mystical perspective regarding our relationship with nature, and the latest fascinating findings in science. After reviewing the commonalities it will offer a new vision – and propose ideological as well as practical suggestions – of developing a new-age unity between ourselves and the universe. It will explore how we can minimize the new risks and maximize the novel opportunities presented to us by modern science and technology as we forge ahead into a bold and exciting future.