Tenth Dr. Morry S. Fox
Miami International Torah
& Science Conference
"Beginnings, Endings & Renewals: Conversations Between Torah Wisdom and Scientific Knowledge about the Universe, Human life and the Mind"

2013 Presenters

Professor Nathan Aviezer

Professor Barry
Baumel, MD

Professor Joseph Bodenheimer

Professor Daniel Drubach

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Professor Nathan Katz

Professor Yakir
Kaufman, MD

Rabbi Barry M. Kinzbrunner, MD

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar

Professor John D. Loike

Professor Vera Schwarcz

Rabbi Professor Avraham Steinberg, MD

Rabbi Professor Moshe Dovid Tendler

Professor Jason Wolfe

B'Or Hatorah

B’OR HA’TORAH is a peer-reviewed forum for wondering Jews, scientists, artists, teachers and students—examining personal and intellectual concerns through the microscope and telescope of the scientist; the algorithm of the mathematician; the discourse of the philosopher; the imagery of the artist, poet and photographer; and the tested faith and learning of the Torah-observant Jew.  B’OR HA’TORAH was founded in 1981 by Professor Herman Branover with the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Since 2001, B’OR HA’TORAH has been publishing the written papers from the Miami International Torah and Science Conferences. Volume 19 came out in August 2009.

Until 2010, B'OR HA'TORAH was published by SHAMIR.

It is now published by the
Rehov Ha'Vaad Ha'Leumi 21
POB 16031
Jerusalem 91160, Israel



New volume! B'Or Ha'Torah 22 (2013)

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