Tenth Dr. Morry S. Fox
Miami International Torah
& Science Conference
"Beginnings, Endings & Renewals: Conversations Between Torah Wisdom and Scientific Knowledge about the Universe, Human life and the Mind"

2013 Presenters

Professor Nathan Aviezer

Professor Barry
Baumel, MD

Professor Joseph Bodenheimer

Professor Daniel Drubach

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Professor Nathan Katz

Professor Yakir
Kaufman, MD

Rabbi Barry M. Kinzbrunner, MD

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar

Professor John D. Loike

Professor Vera Schwarcz

Rabbi Professor Avraham Steinberg, MD

Rabbi Professor Moshe Dovid Tendler

Professor Jason Wolfe

Hotels in walking distance of the Shul

Daddy O Hotel
Located at 9660 East Bay Harbor Dr., Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154, (0.6 Miles from The Shul) offers double rooms for $144/night plus tax. For more information, please visit www.daddyohotel.com/miami - For reservations, please call (305) 868-4141. To obtain the special rate of $144/night plus tax identify yourself as a participant of The Shul’s Torah & Science Conference.

Grand Beach Hotel
9449 Collins Ave. Surfside, Florida 33154 (Tel. 855-652-8666)

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort
9703 Collins Ave. Bal Harbour, FL 33154 (Tel. 305 993-3300)

Sea View Hotel
9909 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL, 33154 (Tel. 866-539-8430)

Sun Harbour Boutique Hotel
Located at 9576 Collins Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (same block as The Shul, across the beach) offers 1 bedroom apartments with kitchen (maid service included).


Airport info

Miami is accessed by Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport.  Fort Lauderdale Airport tends to be more economical for flights within the U.S.  Both airports are about 30/40 minutes from The Shul.


Glatt Kosher restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries in walking distance from The Shul and hotels

Kosher Land Supermarket:
9467 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154. (Tel. 305-866-6993)

Rolling Pin Bakery (parve):
9523 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-868-1578)

Cine Citta Café (dairy restaurant):
9544 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-407-8319)

Ike's Diner (Dairy):
9476 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-397-8559)

Harbour Grill:
9415 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-861-0787)

Café Vert (dairy breakfast, lunch, and dinner):
9490 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-867-3151)

Kosh Grill and Sushi Bar:
9477 Harding Ave. Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-763-8601)

B&H Pizza (lunch, dinner, delivery & takeout):
233 95th St., Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 786-245-5557)

Lotus (Asian food - meat restaurant):
9487 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-397-8062)

Publix (regular big supermarket):
9400 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 (Tel. 305-865-1263)


The Shul is within the boundaries of The Miami Beach Eruv and carrying is allowed on Shabbos. For more information on the Eruv please visit www.miamibeacheruv.com



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