Nathan Aviezer is Professor of Physics and former Chairman of the Physics Department of Bar-Ilan University.  Aviezer is the author of 140 scientific articles on solid state physics.  In recognition of his important research contributions, Aviezer was honored by being elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Research Professor of the Royal Society of London.

In addition to his scientific research, Aviezer has a long-standing involvement in the relationship between Torah and science.  He has authored three books on this subject: In the Beginning: Biblical Creation and Science (translated into nine languages), Fossils and Faith: Understanding Torah and Science (translated into four languages) and Modern Science and Ancient Faith.  Aviezer has also recently published a book (in Hebrew) on Parshat Ha’shevu’a (entitled From Bereshit Bara to Zot HaBracha). Aviezer teaches a course at Bar-Ilan University on “Torah and Science,” which was awarded the prestigious 1999 Templeton Prize.  Aviezer is also active in organizing an annual Torah and Science Conference which attracts hundreds of participants from all over Israel.  Aviezer was recently awarded a grant from the Templeton Foundation to develop a teaching unit on Torah and Science for Orthodox Jewish high schools.

Born in Switzerland, raised in the United States, Professor Aviezer received his doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago, and subsequently held a senior research position at the IBM Watson Research Center near New York.  In 1967, Nathan and his wife Dvora made aliya to Israel.  The Aviezers have four children and sixteen grandchildren, and they live in Petach Tikva.