Mr. Daniel Friedmann

Is there a Blueprint for the Universe? The Origins of the Universe and Life

Every word in the 6 day Genesis creation account describes the origins of the universe and life on earth, and every discovery and observation by scientists leads to understanding of how the universe came to be, often in seeming contradiction to Genesis. They can’t both be right, or can they? We will compare what Genesis says happened and when it happened with the latest scientific discoveries relating to the development of the universe and the appearance of life on earth. A detailed creation timeline extracted from Torah sources will be set side-by-side with the scientifically established timeline of events. A Torah derived conversion factor for the 6 days of creation to time as measured by scientists will be used to compare both timelines. We will then discuss how it all happened and in particular what events should appear natural as they are performed under God’s name of working within nature and creating something-from-something vs. what events are ex-nihilo creations that science cannot explain. We will see that modern cosmological observation and theory are well aligned with Torah sources and that Torah illuminates the deepest fundamental unanswered questions by scientists—like what happened at the beginning of the Universe.