Dr. Yonah Bardos

Genetics Testing in the Genomic Era

Preventing the inheritance of Jewish genetic disorders: How common are Jewish genetic disorders? With the increase in genomic data, are there other disorders we need to be worried about? What is carrier screening? There are many different programs out there who offer carrier screening, ranging from Dor Yesharim to only Ashkenazi Jewish disorder panels to pan ethnic panels and whole exome sequencing. What are the pros and cons of these tests?  Is there a difference whether we perform the test before marriage, before having children or when one is pregnant? Should we as religious consumers find out if our child is at risk of having a genetic disorder? What options during pregnancy are available and should we be using them. Can anything be done in utero to alter the outcome? If one does find out they are carriers for disorders what are their options. We will also present moral/ethical issues making it an interactive learning session.