Conference Mission

We live in interesting times. Age-old questions are being reframed in the light of scientific discoveries. But the answers? Do they change, or do we need to think differently about the questions? Is there a beginning to the Universe? Or perhaps more importantly, is there an end to the Universe?

When does Human Life begin? What role may medical breakthroughs play in conception, or in genetic engineering? And can science help us pinpoint the end of Human Life? 

​Conference Program

Nature and/or Nurture – Intellect, Emotion, Behavior and Ethics

Conversations between Torah Wisdom and Scientific Knowledge about the Universe, Human Life, and the Mind.

Can it even approach a possible renewal or continuation of Human Life? ​Does the mind derive from the brain? Does the brain emanate from the soul, or vice-versa? If there is a soul, can we know it scientifically? If so what is its relation to the mind and to the brain?