Married to the author Barbara Sofer with five children and a changing number of grandchildren; earned his BSc, MSc and PhD all at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has lived in Israel for three decades, served in the IDF as did his sons. He is the author of GENESIS AND THE BIG BANG, the discovery of harmony between modern science and the Bible, published by Bantam Doubleday; THE SCIENCE OF GOD, published by Free Press of Simon & Schuster; THE HIDDEN FACE OF GOD, discovering the unity that binds all existence (Free Press of Simon & Schuster); And GOD ACCORDING TO GOD, what the Bible really tells us about God (HarperOne). His books appear in eleven languages. In his research, he has witnessed the detonation of numerous nuclear detonations (atomic bombs).


www. geraldschroeder.com

HaHish 5; Jerusalem 9322307 Israel